Proud Potato About Us

Hello! I’m Phil, the owner of The Proud Potato – a healthy take out in Sheffield. We supply good healthy takeaway food to all our happy customers in the Hillsborough and surrounding areas. All our catering is to very high standards. Our recipes have evolved to perfection over a great many years.  We only use local produce and our fillings are all home-made for the best possible taste. So if you want healthy eating in Sheffield, visit The Proud Potato!

About Us: The Proud Potato serves jacket potatoes with fillings prepared daily by our fully trained staff.

What makes The Proud Potato special?

• Our potatoes are selected for quality and variety. Some varieties, though grown for jacketing, are just not fit for purpose and have unpleasant texture and flavour so we avoid them.

• Our suppliers are fully aware of which varieties we will purchase. Our staff always know which variety we are presently using. You can test this simply by asking.

• The potatoes are cooked using Blodgett Gas Convection ovens. They have very powerful fans which force heat efficiently into the potato making the inside fluffy in a way not usually possible with a domestic oven or microwave.

This means that from The Proud Potato, you are getting the best quality of the best varieties, cooked freshly in an oven totally fit for purpose.

• The Proud potato is a family run business, owned by Phil Waldron since 1982.

• Hygiene is a huge priority at The Proud Potato. Food temperatures are constantly monitored and recorded and safe food working practices are strictly followed. This is why we score highly when assessed by the environmental health officers.
No expense is spared on cleaning materials and equipment. We follow the guidelines explained in “Safer Food, Better Business”’ published by the Food Standards Agency.

• Our potatoes are approx. the following Sizes:
Uncooked weight, (625 g) Large.
(325 g) Regular