For all your nutrition needs, potatoes are one of the world’s most nutrient dense foods. They are low in fat, bursting with vitamins and minerals, virtually fat-free, contain absolutely no cholesterol and when served in their skins are a great source of fibre. That’s why independent nutritionists and dietary researchers recommend potatoes as the perfect nutrition base for a balanced diet. Have a look at the Nutrition Chart below to see how much nutrition a potatlo really has:

nutrition chart


Nutrition in Small Potato (336g) Amount in potato % GDA
Vitamin C 30.24mg 84
Vitamin B6 1.11mg 56
Potassium 1446mg 42
Iron 5.4mg 38
Fibre 5.0g 27
Magnesium 60.5mg 21
Vitamin B1 0.44mg 31
Folate 63mcg 31
Calories 221.8 kcal 12
Fat 0.96 g 1.3
Nutrition in Large Potato (616g) Amount in potato % GDA
Vitamin C 55.44mg 115
Vitamin B6 2.04mg 103
Potassium 2651mg 77
Iron 9.9mg 70
Fibre 9.2g 49
Magnesium 110.9mg 39
Vitamin B1 0.81mg 56
Folate 116mcg 56
Calories 406.6 kcal 21
Fat 1.76 g 2.5

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Source: The Potato Council


Proud Potato Allergens

Allergens Found in

Celery – Apple & Celery, Tuna Mayo & Chicken Curry, Prawn Sauce.

Cereals containing Gluten – Chicken Supreme, Flapjacks.

Crustaceans – Cottage & Prawns, Prawn Sauce.

Eggs – Egg & Cheese May, Coleslaw, Apple & Celery. Prawn Sauce, Tuna Mayo.

Fish – Tuna Mayo.

Milk – Chicken Supreme, Cottage Cheese, Butter, Cheese, Chicken Curry.

Mustard – Coleslaw, Egg & Cheese Mayonnaise, Apple & Celery, Prawn Sauce, Tuna Mayo

Peanuts – Apple & Celery.