Proud Potato - local produce, home-made fillings
Chilli-con-carne, Bolognaise, Chicken Supreme, Corned Beef Hash, Chicken Curry £4.75

Hello! I’m Phil, that proud owner of Proud Potato – a healthy take out in Sheffield. We supply good healthy takeaway food to all our happy customers in the Hillsborough and surrounding areas. All our catering is to very high standards. We only use local produce and our filling are all home-made for the best possible taste. So if you want healthy eating in Sheffield, visit Proud Potato!

Try our excellent homemade frozen meals made with the healthiest and best ingredients. Our meals are very popular with an awesome taste. Just ask our many happy customers who have tried our meals!

Oh, and visit our shop in Hillsborough for more delicious choices, and join our Facebook page to keep up-to-date on our offfers…

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