Proud Potato - local produce, home-made fillings
Mixed Salad 1.20 0.60
Coleslaw 1.20 0.60
Apple & Celery 1.20 0.60
Chicken 2.20 1.10
Prawn Cocktail Sauce 1.80 0.90
Tuna Mayonnaise 1.50 0.75
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are strengthening the merchandise, accelerating new store growth with the focus on value centers, optimizing inventory management, sharpening our marketing message and driving e commerce growth." During the same call, she remarked: "In addition to focusing on getting the right merchandise into the right store at the right time, we’re taking a hard look at how much inventory we need to authentic raiders lyle alzado youth jersey drive authentic jarvis jones mens jersey top line sales and how to optimize inventory flow into the store. I have a bias for lean inventories, and there is clearly an opportunity at The Children’s Place to reduce inventory levels and better manage flow to the stores." Fast forwarding to 2014, the authentic giants antrel rolle youth jersey Company is travis kelce womens jersey carrying 47% more inventory on a comparable sales level in the third quarter of 2014 than it authentic ryan allen womens jersey did in the third quarter of 2010. Ms. Elfers has not only failed to meet her publicly stated objective of efficient working capital management, but under her leadership, it has actually significantly worsened. Poor inventory management is also likely related
Air New Zealand ‘drip pricing’ investigated Air New Zealand is being investigated by the Commerce Commission over alleged "drip pricing" tactics that have got its Australian counterparts in hot water. Customers who book with the airline using the web steelers mel blount mens jersey or a mobile phone are shown a headline airfare, then have other charges added as they click through the process. One of authentic raiders ted hendricks mens jersey these authentic john sullivan womens jersey is a domestic travel insurance charge, typically $10 for a one way domestic flight, which is added on an "opt out" basis, meaning it will be added to the airfare unless customers choose otherwise. Wellington lawyer Michael Wigley has criticised the insurance charge, which he has labelled as "drip pricing", where companies advertise a low initial price then add other fees later in the purchase process. Drip pricing is in the spotlight across the Tasman with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission taking legal action against Virgin authentic buccaneers mike alstott mens jersey Australia and Jetstar over added booking fees. Air New Zealand authentic jets darrelle revis womens jersey has been
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